Our Team

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

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Nate Holyoke
Spenser Simis
Operations Manager
Jessica Sprague
Finance Manager
Brandi Gillie
Human Resources/Payroll Manager
Aaron Adams
Safety Manager
Jesse Lebel
Purchasing Manager
Joe Young
Trenton Office Manager
Emily Dwyer
Project Manager
Coby Hutchins
Project Manager
Rick Iarrobino
Project Manager
Virginia Kinney-Hazen
Project Manager
Rahvi Barnum
Timber Frame/Panel Shop Manager
Trip Irish
Interior Finishes Manager
Tim Morin
Warehouse Manager
Abby Parker
Landscape Project Manager
Brit Preble
Service Manager
Marc Davenport
Site Supervisor
Sky Winn
Project Mgr/Architectural Millwork
Tim Howie
Site Supervisor
Nick Chase
Site Supervisor
Cyrus Jipson
Site Supervisor
Seth McLain
Site Supervisor
Chuck Sanderson
Site Foreman
Shane Wagner
Site Supervisor
Geiser Tuctuc
Site Foreman
Matt Harriman
Site Foreman